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How AI and ML are changing the after sales service in Manufacturing Industry
AI and ML in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing industry has come a long way since the ages with paradigm changes happening in the way we manufacture and the technology is aiding it be it changes from lathe machines to CNC or to advanced laser cutting machines, there has been a sea change which has led to better productivity and consumption.

Technology has been going changes with dawn of every day and every morning ushers a new shift, the present manufacturing industry has also been adapting to changes its no more the same what was used decades ago.

AI and ML are the latest buzz and happening technology for the manufacturing industry and with still these technologies becoming norm we already have robotics in manufacturing has already started in roads to manufacturing firms.

The common perception of manpower being reduced with machines has its own struggle and its own fight, whereas everyone will agree that what was baked in earlier fire ovens is now completely automated process from start to finish being automated.

The same AI and ML are revolutionising the service industry specifically to after sales service which is the biggest pain point for any manufacturing industry as all the hard work of manufacturing becomes brand only when it is supplemented with after sales service.

Mechtrace is a platform which pioneers the use of AI and ML for its technician app where in once the manufacturer downloads the app and logs in for reporting any repairs that are required or the purchase of spare parts from its E-commerce platform or takes us AMC. The rest is done by this Mechtrace app.

IT automates when AMC needs to be done for which parts and the when maintenance would be required for machines and also keeps you updated when you raise a ticket for repairs.

The mobile app gives you clarity on who is technician and where he is in real time and when ETA (estimated time of arrival) comes to you with information being shown on your mobile app, WhatsApp and SMS. This makes you feel comfortable that Technician is on Way.

Download Mechtrace mobile app click here or log in to

Nawaz Ahmed 20 February, 2023
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