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How E-commerce is helping purchase managers in Manufacturing Industry
E-commerce and the Manufacturing Sector

Gone are the days when a machine would become redundant with non- availability of spares and time taken in getting the spares would ensure critical time being wasted which aggravates furthermore leading to losses and not delivering the requirements of clients on time. 

Today with new methods being adopted and technology playing vital role in ensuring life becoming easier and making business more scalable and growing faster as manufacturer has to focus on manufacturing rather than focussing on too many things. The purchase manager is very critical component in the manufacturing industry as how is the production manager, he is the man who responds when emergency arises and its his responsibility to ensure that spares reach in time which ensures downtime is minimalized. Every purchase manager needs one source which can provide him the much required replacement and taking care of the downtime so the only way for a every purchase manager is India’s 1 st E commerce platform which brings you the much required spare parts required at the time of your criticalness. Mechtrace is India’s 1 st portal which brings in the spares at your location, all you need is to login to and search for the product listed from close to 5000 SKU’s which Mechtrace already has where in just search, click and pay with simple 3 steps your problem is solved. 

You get all the features of tracking the product from the source to arriving at your destination, Mechtrace works on a new innovative technology which ensures that as the requirement for product is given, its backend team gets going in locating the nearest place to your location and ensures that product reaches with in 48hrs. Along with E commerce Mechtrace also brings up with few more services which is carved out to ensure your ease of operations is done. You can also login for Mechtrace mobile app which also provides you with well qualified and trained technicians who are just in your local neighbourhood reaching you with in 15 minutes of your raising the ticket

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Nawaz Ahmed 11 February, 2023
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