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What happens when your production line breaks down?
Break Down and repair

The moment production comes to halt it rings alarm bells for the production manager who is responsible to ensure that production runs smoothly meeting deadlines, the moment the breakdown happens in MSME the whole team gets active to find the person to repair and ensure that time lapsed is minimal so what they do is as follows.

First call the technician who has been with them, but the reply comes I am stuck in some place, or I am out of station I will come tomorrow or any other reason, but these reasons are going kill time and build frustration as the client deadlines keep ticking.

Second, they try to find it on google to locate the technician trying to reach to them but no avail no one picks calls which further leads to frustration as the production team finds in helpless situation.

Third they try to find in their referrals, or they call up the client who gave the machine or the part which is again cumbersome experience as the time taken for sending the technician again delays the time

Know there is a solution to all these problems and it’s just 3 clicks away which is as follows

First visit you can register and raise complain or download the mobile app from google play store

Second a ticket is raised, and you get clarity on who is the technician who is being assigned the ticket and he is just in your area, you get confirmation on WhatsApp, SMS, Mobile app notification and Email also which ensures that you feel relaxed as your problem is being heard

Third the technician calls you within 15 minutes tries to assist you in understanding the problem and helps you on call, with in 2hrs he is in your premises and carries out the entire repair

So, in just 3 steps your production is up and running, he takes your rating once work is done, and all this happens in just 3 steps rather than running around searching helter skelter.

Nawaz Ahmed 8 February, 2023
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