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Why is after sales crucial for manufacturing industry?
After Sales and it's crucial role

As the rules goes anything that is manufactured after certain point of time does need repair and maintenance or what is called as after sales service, this after sales service has grown on a mammoth way and it defines the growth of production and orders as clients who are satisfied with after sales service are the ones who become actual brand ambassadors for your product.

But managing too many things is also a costly affair for MSME companies which are into manufacturing and want to ensure that after sales is taken care with accountability and criticality but are not able to find the company which can take care of their problems and handle with care.

Be it consumer product or B2B product anything that is manufactured needs to have good strong backing of after sales service, as the race for having customer satisfaction was completely based on after sales service. Big companies which could afford started their own wings which were focussed only on after sales service.

When the Indian market moved from the monopoly market to competitive market the companies ensured that customer satisfaction becomes the top priority of their business model as it leads to better brand recall and penetration of market and building Brand value in its customers

MSME which cannot afford the luxury of having dedicated team for after sales service were in for lurch as they cannot focus on too many things in spite of knowing after sales criticality but still had to manage and this lead lot of manufacturing companies lose their focus.

This being a major pain point is being addressed by Mechtrace which specializes in providing well qualified technicians who are responsive, responsible and understand the criticality of the situation being faced by the manufacturing companies

Mechtrace is India’s 1st platform has strict policies & procedures & statutes as their highest priority which QRT (Quick Response Time), well-crafted policies which ensure the technician reaches on the spot at the earliest of within 2hrs and diagnoses the problem gives clarity and then starts the work to repair and once done we wait for the ratings of satisfaction given from clients as we believe our customer satisfaction is oxygen on which we breathe.

Nawaz Ahmed 8 February, 2023
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