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Why manufacturing companies should focus on only manufacturing.
Your core competence is Manufacturing

We completely understand that running a manufacturing business is not a small task, it’s a biggest challenge which you face on day-to-day basis, be it Micro, Small & Medium manufacturing industries, the founder has to don many hats to ensure that every component is going on smoothly.

Running of day-to-day operations is the biggest challenge which every manufacturing companies come across and the focus should always be at it rather than focussing on various aspects which comes once the product is delivered, in capital intensive machinery units the focus should be only to ensure orders are on time and things are taken care rather focussing on distribution, after sale service etc

In earlier times once the product is manufactured the after sales service was a major barrier as every product once sold has life for certain amount of time and then it undergoes the requirement of after sales service be it repairs or maintenance, this is the critical aspect for manufacturing once they sell the finished product.

Gone are the days when manufacturing industry is to be linked right up to the end customers, this meant that manufacturing company had to have many departments and with which came manpower, the cost and the time spent to handle it.

Today with sea change in this aspect of after sales service, the manufacturing companies can just leave their worries to a company which will take care of the its after sales service in with high degree of accountability and ensuring that downtime is minimalized and attend with care with as little as 15 minutes of turn around time to answer the problem of these MSME segment.

Mechtrace is very fast paced growing company whose core focus is to ensure that manufacturing companies focus only on manufacturing and after sales service is taken by Mechtrace.

With technology as its front end accountability being the bottom line of Mechtrace, we ensure that every technician is present on Pan India basis and every inquiry is attended within 15 minutes and ensure that technicians reach the premises at earliest and start diagnosing the problem which has caused the problem.

Mechtrace is the best friend of manufacturing companies and it ensures that with accountability for signing up to Mechtrace please click here to download our app

Nawaz Ahmed 8 February, 2023
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