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Why MSME needs technology to grow and scale
Technology and rowth

MSME forms the backbone of Indian economy as it employs close to 70% of labour force which plays vital role, MSME also provides much required support eco system for big manufacturing companies, which depends on these MSME for manufacturing of various components. MSME itself is a very critical juncture as major of MSME are either run by families with support from external consultants or by partnership though they are registered as private limited companies. The style and functioning of these major MSME are in nature of being run by traditional business, where in one person from the family who is heading the business takes decisions. MSME when they reach a point from where they need to take off, that’s the point where it stops as the person running the business wants to continue with traditional ways as he believes that his thought process has brought the company to the present stage. This is the point of concern as founder need to have bigger vision and to support that comes the use of technology and adaptation of technology becomes critical, hence many MSME reach stagnation point and scaling from the point of stagnation to next level is dropped and the founder or the family happily runs the business facing day to day operations and does forget the vision and way forward. The manufacturing industry owners should understand that the more they get into micromanagement the problems become more, instead of handling manually they need to look at adoption of technology lets discuss one such area where technology adoption becomes critical After sales service is the most critical component which can make or break the MSME in manufacturing, there is good news for owners that they can completely minimise the after sales service by signing to MECHTRACE the app which provides technicians for repairs and parts for replacement across India is the way forward for manufacturing companies as Mechtrace with its technology brings in QRT (Quick Response Time) where in it provides well qualified and trained technicians at your location. The easiest way to scale your manufacturing business is to sign up with Mechtrace click here to download the app.

Nawaz Ahmed 9 February, 2023
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