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Why your Manufacturing Business needs Mechtrace
Manufacturing and Mechtrace

Let’s critically evaluate as why your business needs Mechtrace, lets follow the best method of evaluating 5W and 1H, wherein 5W’s are (What, Why, When, Where, and Who) whereas 1H stands for (HOW) so let’s define the importance of Mechtrace in this well-known way of answering questions of all the stakeholders in Manufacturing Industry.

What is Mechtrace: It is India’s platform which is bouquet of the requirements which a manufacturing company needs, It is E commerce platform from where the purchases can be done from available 5000 SKU’s and further more and more getting added, which makes life of the purchase manager easy with click of button the spare parts or replacement parts arrive at your destination 

Why Mechtrace: As breakdown can happen anytime and at any given situation which leads to Financial implications on the manufacturing unit so when you need the technician at your disposal with QRT (Quick Response Time) Mechtrace technicians are there to your help so your problem is solved so that is why you need Mechtrace.

When Mechtrace: It was conceptualized during covid and post covid the implementation started and in just 24 months we have 5620 clients whose life depends on Mechtrace, though being new this company has garnered its own importance in Manufacturing industry.

Where is Mechtrace: We are head quartered in Bangalore but having our presence Pan India and Globally wherein we cover Middle East and Africa, we are the best example of Made in India but served Globally

Who is Mechtrace: It is private limited company started by Mr Pranav Jairam who is serial entrepreneur with 3 decades in business, he understood the pain point of manufacturing companies as he comes from a family of manufacturers

How to Mechtrace: The major component of value that Mechtrace brings to your business is: 

  1. E commerce platform where in you can buy the spare parts 
  2. You get technician with QRT (Quick Response Time) and 
  3. You can use the DIY videos which give you explanatory videos of how to do repair your machine if you have your own in house team.

So Mechtrace will bring in the much required QRT which ensures that your problem is solved at earliest for more details download our mobile app.

Nawaz Ahmed 12 February, 2023
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