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Mechtrace & CS aerotherm, a Success Story

How Mechtrace helped Indian’s No1 Bakery Equipment Manufacturing company in solving after sales service

About CS aerotherm:

This company which was started in 1997 has been pioneer in the bakery equipment manufacturing. In last 4 decades it gradually rose to the No1 position, located in Bangalore Bommasandra industrial area the growth was stable and organic. The equipment’s manufactured are supplied to whole of the Globe and they have top notch customers in the bakery industry. As it’s been principle not to compromise on quality and standards.

The problem:

As the company grew which led to growth in customers, with major growth came problems which were unheard and un faced. This led to challenges as every customer was looking for after sales service. The Thumb rule in Heavy Capital Machinery Industry is the “AFTER SALES SERVICE” this had become bottle neck and though equipment was supplied PAN GLOBAL but after sales service which is critical component was becoming hurdle in sales for CS aerotherm.

Due to not having scalable after sales service it was observed that clients who were far from Bangalore had major concern about the after sales service, in manufacturing industry after sales service is the component which ensures that production manager is peaceful else he is the man on heels when production utilization is not happening due to repairs or service or replacement of parts.

Acknowledging problem:

The top management of CS aerotherm was quick to acknowledge the problem and started devising ways to tackle this hurdle which was not only slowing down the growth but also eroding the bottom lines. Hence the first step was taken in this direction was to ensure every salesperson was assigned a technician.

This step had initial success but slowly trouble started with it as there was no usage of technology and the other most critical component after sales service and they never had ratings and reports having attended the problem.

Till 2010 lot of changes were made technology of CRM was tried but still the top management felt that the addressal of client problem is the only way of success to hold on to the No1 position which it had attained by this Time.

Top 3 Goals sought by Top Management

The top management started scouting solutions which would answer 3 main components (1) Reaching the client at lowest possible time (2) Giving the client the ability to track his query (3) The client could see where the technician was and by what time he would reach (THE REAL TIME TRACKING).

This search to have a system was started the first step was it was tried to build in house this idea was dropped and the look for a company which would solve the problem for CS aerotherm which would ensure the quality of after sales service, and which allowed CS aerotherm to focus on its core component of manufacturing.


MECHTRACE a company which specializes in providing technicians on REALTIME basis was signed up by CS aerotherm to take care of its after sales service with a (QRT) quick response time of just 15 minutes.

The challenge was huge to Mechtrace which had been 1 year old and taking on the task of providing technicians to CS aerotherm which is 4 decades company and present Globally was a uphill task.

The CEO of Mechtrace Mr Pranav Jairam had to take up this big opportunity, which was uphill task, The first step which Mechtrace did was to build data base of all the clients of CS aerotherm into its platform Mechtrace it took 6 months as the total clients of CS aerotherm were around 5,652 and scattered across Globe.

Once this was done parallelly training of technicians of both CS aerotherm and also hiring new technicians on contract basis was taken up and within 6 months the platform was up and running much to surprise of CS aerotherm which was quite astonished at the way Mechtrace had done the work.


Mr Pranav Jairam the Founder & CEO believes that process with technology is deadly combination in solving any complex problems, which was the base line to address and solve the problem of CS aerotherm.

As client raises a ticket on website or on mobile app, the first step is the CENTER OF COMMAND of Mechtrace gets it which it then does Geo Fencing and assigns the ticket to respective technician by sending WhatsApp, Message, E-mail & Calling to the technician.

Then a reply is sent to the client with all the details on Mobile app, WhatsApp, Message & Email giving him the details of the technician and time to respond, and the client can track through Mechtrace mobile app as where the technician is and see him in REAL TIME and the ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL.

The next process being the Technician reaches the client and takes video of the machine and starts his work once his work is done, he takes a video again this gives clarity on how the machine was before and after repair video. This leads to getting inputs for Video Analysis which will be the next step where in DIY videos would launched helping the B2B run smootly.

Once this is done a message goes to client to give his satisfactory Rating which is done by client and once this is done the technician gets his rating which is crucial for his performance and leaves the place.

All this happens with 15 minutes of raising ticket by client and QRT is critical for Mechtrace as its Goal is to ensure Heavy Capital Equipment industry should never have down time of production.


CS aerotherm became No 1 not only in equipment but also in after sales service also with help of Mechtrace which ensured that technician reaching and getting the problem sorted out played vital role for CS aerotherm.

If you are Capital Heavy industry having problems in after sales service / repairs and replacement of parts all your problems being solved is just 3 clicks away download Mechtrace mobile app click this link

Founder CEO Mr Pranav Jairam Message:

The challenges we faced during this implementation was humongous but he rightly says when there are challenges it’s when solutions are also created he is firm believer of NECESSITY IS MOTHER OF INVENTION.

Way Forward for Mechtrace

Very soon to launch is E Commerce portal where in the production manager nightmares are solved where in clients can buy replacement part at just click and its delivered in 24hrs which is the next big challenge for Mechtrace, the portal is under testing and will be launched very soon for more information please visit