CS aerotherm 15 mm x 370 mm Roller Shaft


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CS aerotherm 15 mm x 370 mm Roller Shaft

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CS aerotherm 15 mm x 370 mm Roller Shaft

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Brand: CS aerotherm

Brand: CS aerotherm
CS aerotherm

Taking advantage of the growing consumption of baked products in the domestic market , we CS aerotherm stepped in to the commercial bakery equipment domain, in the year 1997, with a long-term technical collaboration with FN Aerotherm, Denmark to manufacture rotary-rack (B-900 and B-1300) and electrical deck-ovens and most advanced Diesel, Gas, Electric Rotary Rack ovens. Today our product range not only meets the demand of domestic clients but also find their way to highly satisfied clientele in countries of Indian sub continent, Middle East and Africa. For the expanding domestic and international client database, our brand 'CS Ovens' stands for quality , variety and dependability.

Roller Shaft for CS aerotherm Dough Divider

Dimensions-15 mm x 370 mm

The 15mm x 370mm Roller Shaft stands as a meticulously engineered mechanical element, designed to facilitate smooth rotational motion in various systems. Crafted with precision, this roller shaft features a diameter of 15mm and a length of 370mm. Its sturdy yet streamlined design makes it well-suited for applications requiring controlled and reliable rotational movement.

Manufactured to meet exacting standards, the roller shaft maintains consistent dimensions and a refined surface finish. The 15mm diameter ensures compatibility with a range of bearings, rollers, and mechanisms, while the 370mm length provides ample space for secure attachments and mounting.

With its robust construction, the 15mm x 370mm Roller Shaft serves as a dependable choice across diverse industries, including machinery, robotics, conveyors, and more. By effectively transmitting rotational forces, it plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation, durability, and precision of mechanical systems.

Dimensions ( Diameter x L ) 15 x 370 


Mild steel
PlatingZinc plating


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