LAPP 4510043U100 1mm Single Core Cable Red


₹ 18.39

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LAPP 4510063U100 1mm Single Core Cable Grey
LAPP 4510063U100 1mm Single Core Cable Grey
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LAPP 4510043U100 1mm Single Core Cable Red
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LAPP 4510043U 100 1mm Single Core Cable

₹ 18.39 18.39 INR ₹ 20.43

₹ 20.43

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Brand: LAPP Kabels

Brand: LAPP Kabels
LAPP Kabels

LAPP India started operations in India in 1996 by setting up state-of-the-art manufacturing unit at Jigani, Bangalore. In 2012, LAPP India set up its second manufacturing unit at Pilukedi, Bhopal to primarily produce single core cables catering to the Building segment. LAPP India further expanded our production capacity in 2014 by doubling the production area in Jigani and adding a new multi core line in Bhopal with a total investment of over 5 Million Euros. Today, we are the third largest manufacturing facility of LAPP. Each year, we manufacture 130,000 km of control, instrumentation, power and data cables along with connectors, accessories and End to End Systems.

  • ISI-marked, PVC-insulated single core cable with up to 1100V voltage (IS 694:2010) and is easy to assemble.
  • Reduced risk of flame propagation in event of fire; flame-retardant according to IEC 60332-1 and IS 10810-53.
  • Good electrical conductivity due to fine-wired copper conductor according to class 5 of IEC 60228 and IS 8130-1984.
  • For wiring of lamps, devices, switchgear cabinets and distribution boxes
  • Suitable for installation in tubes, closed installation ducts, protected installations and dry rooms.
  • Suitable for use in fixed installations up to +70˚C.

Product type - Single core cable
weight - 0.016 kg
copper index - 9.600 kg
Single core packaging type -  Ring
Test voltage -  3 kV
Current rating according to IS - 3961
Cable dimension - 1X1
Nominal conductor cross-section (mm2) - 1 mm²
Conductor material Bare - Copper
conductor design IEC 60228 - class 5: fine-wire
Number of cores - 1
Nominal core diameter - 2.6 mm
Shape of cable - Round
Core insulation base material - Polyvinyl chloride
Core insulation basic material, short form-  PVC

Color- Red

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