Hatco GRAH-36 Food Warmer


₹ 27,000.00

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Hatco GRAH-36 Food Warmer

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Hatco GRAH-36 Food Warmer

₹ 27,000.00 27000.0 INR ₹ 30,000.00

₹ 30,000.00

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Brand: Hatco

Brand: Hatco

Since 1950, Hatco has been a leader in creating innovative ideas for the foodservice industry: bold innovations in equipment that improves efficiency, reliability and profits. Hatco is dedicated to exceptional customer service and quality engineered equipment offering maximum performance.

Hatco's GRA/GRAH Aluminum Infrared Strip Heater blankets food holding areas to safely hold products at optimum serving temperatures, using a pre-focused heat pattern and specially designed reflectors to ensure maximum food holding.

Sturdy continuous aluminum housings eliminate sagging.
Reflector does not blacken, maintaining a consistent, even heat pattern.
GRAH models are high watt.

Voltage220-240 V/ 50-60 Hz
Power800 W
Leads152 mm
Dimensions914 mm X 152 mm X 64 mm

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