Stanvac Synthox HT Grease 250gm Pack


₹ 900.00

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Stanvac Synthox HT Grease 250gm Pack
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Stanvac Synthox HT Grease 250gm Pack

₹ 900.00 900.0 INR ₹ 1,000.00

₹ 1,000.00

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Brand: Stanvac

Brand: Stanvac

Established in 1994, Stanvac was promoted by Mr. Sanjay Mehra, ACA, as India’s first importer of high performance industrial maintenance and repair solutions. With its humble beginnings through industrial aerosol sprays, the firm has grown into one of India’s largest MRO manufacturer over the last 27 years.

The firm utilizes its state of the art, ISO certified manufacturing facilities to provide the widest range of best in class products. The product range in its entirety encompasses over 1,000 products made from the highest quality of raw materials, bulk concentrates, and technological innovations that are sourced from all over the world. As a result, the firm acts as a single window for specialized maintenance solutions within the mechanical, electrical, and civil spheres.

High-temperature greases are particularly suitable for the lubrication of elements such as roller bearings operating under severe conditions, rolling mill bearings, automotive parts like cylinder heads, crankshafts, pistons, camshafts, oven fan bearings, and even oil rigs. It can be used in various industries. It can withstand extreme temperatures and is more effective than regular industrial lubricants. It reduces friction and wear. Our High-Temperature Synthox Grease is applied when the temperature is 500 degrees Celsius and above. It has low viscosity, chemical resistance, and mobility. Stanvac Grease decreases the risk of damage and provides a safer working environment for employees.


  • Grease
  • For Car, Motorcycle, Truck, Scooter
  • Suitable For: Universal Lubricant
  • Quantity: 250 ml
  • Pack of 1

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