Sirman IH35 Induction Hob


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Sirman IH35 Induction Hob
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Sirman IH35 Induction Hob

₹ 25,200.00 25200.0 INR ₹ 28,000.00

₹ 28,000.00

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SIRMAN SpA is a cutting edge business born under a lucky star which became an essential part of the company logo and which will guide the business into the future.

A perfect blend of traditional design and the latest trends, Sirman products are the result of a clever combination of elegant models and careful study of the safest and most advanced materials in this sector.

For Sirman, engineering design is about designing the future on a foundation of all the professional experience developed over years of tradition and creativity.

Sirman IH35 Induction Hob

- The induction hobs are easy to install on every working surface in kitchens, restaurants or dining rooms
- High visibility LED display
- Practical IP67 touch control display
- Double control of temperature and power supply
- Extremely easy to use and to clean
- Cooking surface in tempered glass
- Induction hobs are energy saving thanks to heating efficiency and no need to heat up

ModelIH 35
Power3500 W
Power Source1 ph
Useful Surface280 mm x 280 mm
Net Weight5 Kg
Dimension385 mm x 475 mm 145 mm
Gross Weight5.5 Kg

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