Jai Balaji Foot Switch With Guard


₹ 1,879.20

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Jai Balaji Foot Switch With Guard
Jai Balaji Foot Switch With Guard
₹ 1,652.40
₹ 1,836.00 (10% OFF)
Jai Balaji Heavy Duty Foot Switch (Without Guard)
Jai Balaji Heavy Duty Foot Switch (Without Guard)
₹ 2,713.50
₹ 3,015.00 (10% OFF)

Jai Balaji Foot Switch With Guard

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Jai Balaji Foot Switch With Guard

₹ 1,879.20 1879.2 INR ₹ 2,088.00

₹ 2,088.00

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Brand: Jai Balaji

Brand: Jai Balaji
Jai Balaji

Jaibalaji Control Gears Private Limited is a global manufacturer of industrial switches and controlgears with an extensive range of products catering to engineering industries.

Our wide range of products are Illuminated Push Button Switches & Pilot Lights, Push Button Junction Boxes, Push Button Stations, LED Module Indicating Lights, Cam Operated Rotary Switches, Proximity Sensors, Electronic Timer Din Rail (Analog & Digital), LED Signal Tower Lights, Limit Switches, Miniature Snap Action Micro Switches, Engineering Plastic Industrial Plug & Sockets and Telescopic Brushes.

Jaibalaji has established a global reputation for being an expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces and all our products are developed by world-class industrial specialists and tested to international standards. They are synonymous with Jaibalaji reputation for creativity, innovation and excellence.

Product Industrial Plug & Socket
Reference Standards IS/IEC 60309 Part 1 and Part 2
Working temperature -25 degree C to + 80 degree C
Insulation Voltage 690V AC/DC
Dielectric Strength 2500V per/minute
Insulation Resistance >5 Meg. Ohm.
Contact Resistance <25 Mili. Ohm
Max. Withdrawal force <400N
Rated Operating Voltage 240V/415V (AC)
Rated Operating Current 16A/32A/63A/125A
No. Of Poles 3,4 & 5
Breaking Capacity 1.25 times the rated current, 1.1 times the rated Voltage, power factor 0.6lag.

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