Fuji Electric SC-N14 200V Electromagnetic Contactor


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Fuji Electric SC-N12 200V Electromagnetic Contactor
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Fuji Electric SC-N14 200V Electromagnetic Contactor

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₹ 246,900.00

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Brand: Fuji Electric

Brand: Fuji Electric
Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric manufactures a wide range of protective energy products designed to be configured based on the ground conditions, the applications that they will be used for and the sensitivity of the equipment to be protected.

From basic line interactive UPS for individual equipment to complex modular UPS solutions for data centers, there’s a wide set of evaluations to be made to ensure that installations function with the maximum efficiency in a defined environment.

Fuji Electric considers every aspect, from power quality to Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) to the Total Cost of Ownership, keeping in mind both direct and the indirect costs (Capex and Opex) to determine the solutions that work best for customers.

With decades of experience in thousands of complex installations across the world, Fuji Electric is uniquely qualified to determine the best possible configuration to meet client needs.

Small frame contactors with new functions join the SC series.
The SC line up, which is based on high level technology, now extends from the SC-03 to the SC-N16.
The SC series contactors have such options as additional auxiliary contact blocks and operation counter unit with snap-on fittings and coil surge suppressors. Modification can be made quickly and easily on site.
Improved contact materials and structure double the electrical life compared with existing contactors 2 million operations.
Bifurcated type auxiliary contacts have a high degree of contact reliability. Therefore, they can be used in low-level circuits of 5V, 3mA and directly input to electronic equipment.



Operational Current

AC/DC200V Coil​

Auxillary Contact Arrangement


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