Contitech STD S8M-1040-20 Timing Belt


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Contitech STD S8M-1040-20 Timing Belt
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Contitech STD S8M-1040-20 Timing Belt

₹ 405.00 405.0 INR ₹ 450.00

₹ 450.00

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Brand: ContiTech

Brand: ContiTech

ContiTech is one of the world's leading industrial specialists. Its customers can be found in key industries such as machine and plant engineering, mining, the agricultural industry, and the automotive industry. With around 46,000 employees, the company uses its development and material expertise for products and systems made of rubber, polyamide, metal, textile, and electronic components to combine these with individual services. ContiTech also offers functional and design-oriented living solutions and is always searching for customer-friendly and environmentally-friendly answers – going well and truly beyond its roots as a producer of rubber products.

STD S8M-1040-20 is a rubber timing belt that enables powerful and reliable solutions across a wide range of performance.

The belts provide low noise even at high speeds. They are made of highly durable rubber compound with a glass cord tension member. The teeth are protected by a special impregnated fabric. The wide variety of profiles and sizes allows very different applications.

The STD profile S8M timing belts are used in all industrial applications for compact drives in machine tools, printing machines, compressors, generators, garden equipment and many other machines and equipment.

Belt Characteristics

  • High transmission power and long life
  • Conditionally resistant to oil
  • Suitable for tropical climates
  • Temperature range depending on application from −20 °C to +100 °C
  • Maintenance-free
ModelSTD S8M-1040-20
Length1040 mm
Width20 mm
MaterialNeoprene Rubber
Weight0.2 Kg

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