C.T.S. USNU15 Free Wheel or Clutch Bearing


₹ 6,511.05

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FAG UCF 208 Flange Bearing
FAG UCF 208 Flange Bearing
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C.T.S. US15 Free Wheel or Clutch Bearing
C.T.S. US15 Free Wheel or Clutch Bearing
₹ 6,511.05
₹ 7,234.50 (10% OFF)

C.T.S. USNU15 Free Wheel or Clutch Bearing

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C.T.S. USNU15 Free Wheel or Clutch Bearing

₹ 6,511.05 6511.05 INR ₹ 7,234.50

₹ 7,234.50

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Brand: CTS Bearings

Brand: CTS Bearings
CTS Bearings

C.T.S. company, established in January 1977, started it's activity with the aim of marketing bearings and special drives and, in the same year, started the production of cylindrical roller freewheels

In 1988, the one-man business became a limited partnership and started to marketing grooved wheels for linear guide and, after few months, started the production of linear guides that represents the 50% of the total present production

In 1992 the company introduced standard variable length motorised system for guides.

Thanks to regular technological upgrades and to its constant aiming in improving products and services precision and customisation, C.T.S. is a leader in its field.

The USNU Series freewheels are not self-centering. It is therefore necessary to place one or two bearings next to the freewheel so that the outer race can rotate centrally to the inner race. 

USNU freewheels have ball bearings with the same dimensions as the 63.. series. 

The torque forces are transmitted from the shaft to the inner race by means of a key and from the outer race to the seating by means of front pullers or by means of an interference fit if the seating tolerance is made a K6. 

Shaft tolerance must be either h6 or j7; the tolerances for the seating must be either H7 or F7. When front pullers are not used, the seating tolerance should be K6. 

Before being put onto service, the freewheels must be lubricated with suitable lubricants. Oil lubrication is essential when a high number of rotations in neutral is reached.

Inner Diameter15 mm
Outer Diameter42 mm
Width18 mm
Weight0.11 Kg

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