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Manufacturing is the main component of any country’s progress economically, as major jobs are created by manufacturing companies and in India 70% of work force is created by MSME’s which are the backbone.

As manufacturer focusses only on to manufacturing aspect where in technology is always changing and the manufacturer has to embrace as it effects his output production which is critical for every manufacturing company.

In today’s scenario these MSME’s to grow to full fledged Big industry is always the vision of the top management be it family business or partnership or proprietorship in manufacturing sectors.

The growth is not just possible by producing as the manufacturer knows what the demand for his product is and what should be produced and in how much quantities to be produced. This keeps fluctuating as per the Demand and Supply requirement in the market.

The only segment which manufacturer can enhance becomes after sales service of his products which creates the Brand in the long run and every customer or consumer of the product wants after sales service as the products manufactured needs regular maintenance.

This is the most neglected part by manufacturer as again it will involve cost for manpower, training and technology which manufacturers feel is bottleneck but do not understand that the demand can be grown only when end customer or consumer refers to his peers about his experience which leads to better demand.

As manufacturing companies investing on advertising is not required when it comes to B2B segment hence the only component they need to look is at after sales service. The current technology has made life easier as the present day manufacturers can just download Mobile app Mechtrace which has made life easier.

Mechtrace as the Tag line says Technician on Way is the app which gets you the technician at the time when it is critical, well adapted to real time technology Mechtrace is app which provides heavy equipment manufacturing companies with technicians who are qualified, well trained and come with QRT (Quick Response Time)

Manufacturers should embrace this mobile app Mechtrace which will ensure that at most critical time you have a person who takes care of your problems. Our technicians are present Pan India who are trained and well qualified.

For more details visit or download the mobile app

Nawaz Ahmed 27 February, 2023
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