Jumo 902120 Push-in RTD Temperature Probe


₹ 34,060.50

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Jumo 902120 Push-in RTD Temperature Probe

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Jumo 902120 Push-in RTD Temperature Probe

₹ 34,060.50 34060.5 INR ₹ 37,845.00

₹ 37,845.00

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Brand: Jumo

Brand: Jumo

In just a few decades, JUMO has grown from minuscule beginnings to become an internationally successful company.

Jumo instruments and systems are at work on all five continents.
They measure, control and record physical parameters in an extraordinarily wide range of industries and applications. User-friendly and reliable, in every quantity and version that is requested. And always with the guarantee of perfect quality and comprehensive service.

Push-in RTD temperature probes are preferentially used for measuring temperatures in liquids and gasses. Application areas encompass, among others, the air conditioning technology and refrigeration engineering, as well as the heating system, kiln and apparatus engineering sector, and in process technology.
The connection head is suitable for ambient temperatures up to +100 C. The versions BUZ, BUZH and BBK are also available in addition to the standard connection head, form B.
The measuring insert is normally fitted with a Pt100 temperature probe as per DIN EN 60751, class B in 2-wire circuit, versions with Pt500 or Pt1000 are also possible. Connection is available in 3-wire or 4-wire-circuitry as an option. A transmitter can be optionally integrated into the connection head.

OptionHead transmitter, three-wire or four-wire circuit, sensor Pt500 or Pt1000
Protection typeIP65
Terminal headForm B, BUZ, BUZH, BBK
Protection fittingStainless steel 1.4571
Operating temperature-50 to +600 °C
Areas of applicationPlant engineering, industrial heating plants, drying plants, construction material machines
Process connectionFlange, compression fitting
Measuring circuits1/2
ApprovalsMetrological registration, SIL
Special featuresInterchangeable measuring insert