Fenner Powerflex SPZX1437 Raw Edge Cogged V Belt


₹ 675.00

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Relay base/300VAC/12A-2CO-PYF08A-N
Relay base/300VAC/12A-2CO-PYF08A-N
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Fenner Powerflex SPZX1437 Raw Edge Cogged V Belt

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Fenner Powerflex SPZX1437 Raw Edge Cogged V Belt

₹ 675.00 675.0 INR ₹ 750.00

₹ 750.00

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Brand: Fenner, Fenner

Brand: Fenner

Fenner has been a leading name in power transmission for over 150 years and generations of professional engineers have placed their trust in these products.

A V belt is one of the most revolutionary mechanisms in the automobile industry. Fenner SPZX1437 Poly-F Plus PB Wedge Belt is one of the most in demand products in the market. This V belt reduces human effort to a great extent. The top width of this product is 10 mm. It has a size of SPZX1437. This product is highly in demand because of its durability. This belt is from the SPZ section. This product is the most common type of drive belt used for power transmission. This has a very long life and last for a fortune. Energy loss reduced to absolute minimum.

Series Powerflex
Item Code SPZX1437
Height 8 mm
Width 10mm

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