Fenner XPA2082 V Belt


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Fenner XPA2082 V Belt

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Fenner XPA2082 V Belt

₹ 919.80 919.8000000000001 INR ₹ 1,022.00

₹ 1,022.00

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Brand: Fenner

Brand: Fenner

Fenner has been a leading name in power transmission for over 150 years and generations of professional engineers have placed their trust in these products.

V belt XPA 2082.

Mechanical Transmissions- 12.7 x 10 x 2082 toothed narrow transmission.

XPA 2082 Toothed Drive Belt is carefully crafted with industrial rubber (neopropene) machines, which guarantees high performance and durability compared to commercially available belts.
The XPA 2082 Toothed belt offers greater flexibility and the profile of the teeth allows the accumulation of air pockets inside the belt, which acts as a heat absorber and prevents the transmission temperature from rising during operation.
In the case of timing belts, the teeth present perpendicular to the length of the belt reduce bending stress, cool down and last longer.

Belt with IAFT quality certificate.
Neoprene rubber material.
Section 12.7x10 mm (height and thickness).
Internal development 2082 mm.
Nominal length 2082 mm.
Belt type toothed tight.
Manufacturer code XPA 2082
Brand Pix.

The XPA 2082 drive belt is a robust, heat and oil resistant and reliable belt for all applications.
It is antistatic and has a special fabric outer coating for extra durability. It withstands temperatures from -25°C to +100°C. The linear speed of the belt can reach up to 45 m/sec and the permissible deflection rate is f=80 per second.
Choosing this belt will ensure a high-performance, long-lasting product.

The XPA 2082 Pix belt consists of 4 layers:

Cotton and polyester fabric rubberized with neoprene, wear-resistant and cut on the bias.
High-strength cord incorporating a rubber cushion compound.
Specially treated high-tenacity, low-elasticity polyester cords.
Specially compounded high-modulus compression rubber.

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